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Welcome to our online Methodist community! We have a great online community here and we hope you will call back regularly to see what activities we are organizing.

We are an online community of people who have been drawn together by GodÕs love and the desire to spread the word and celebrate the life of Jesus in all its wonderful chapters.

Our roots are firmly placed in the Methodist Church, which is a worldwide community of over 70 million people. We hold regular online worship groups and events and you can be sure of a warm welcome!

We understand that if you are housebound, disabled or, for one reason or another, unable to get out and about, but still want to be able to worship and join in with our activities, so this site is for you!

We try to keep up to date with current events and we welcome any additions in the way of articles, posts or even videos and podcasts. You can submit links to relevant web pages you have found that you want to share as well as news of events in your area. Please take a moment to sign in and register for regular updates and news.

If you have any news you would like us to publish about your church and its upcoming events please email us.

We produce podcasts and videos that include bible readings, from both the old and new testaments, occasionally psalms and personal readings responding to memberÕs requests.

As Methodism is said to be 'born in song', we record and publish the singing of hymns from various churches from all over the country and sometimes from other countries.
We thank God for the wonderful hymns that Charles Wesley wrote for us to use in worship.

We have regular sermons spoken by guest preachers and daily prayers are lead by our very own Reverend Harry Smith which we offer as podcasts for downloading free of charge. All are welcome, you donÕt have to be a member of any particular denomination or church, as long as you want to join in and praise God.

Our mission is to continue to develop our Church and its online community to help people all over the world to find and strengthen their faith in God and to celebrate the life of his son, Jesus Christ.

Our core community members have undertaken to devote at least an hour a day to pray and read the bible and for those who wish to join us, we run an online prayer chain where we can accept a prayer request from a member and all members will ask God for help with their problem. We have seen a lot of wonderful things happen as a result of our prayer chains.

If you would like to join in with us please contact us today, we would love you to join our online church group!