Church Window Repair

if you are in charge of a church, then there is a good chance that one element of the building will have a special place in your heart: the stained-glass windows. These will be a vital part of the aesthetic appeal of a typical church, and so it will be important to keep them in as good condition as possible.

Accidents will happen, however, and there may come a time when you will need to repair a damaged stained-glass window.

The first step will be to remove the entire window and lay it as flat as possible. Tidy the broken area by removing all fragments of damaged glass - pliers will be the best tool to use for this task. The next step will be to remove the foil from the damaged portion: to do this, raise the window by placing small objects such as pieces of wood around the edges, and then use a solder to melt the foil off.

After this, the window will be ready for a replacement piece to be fitted. If you have not done so already, measure the damaged portion to find out exactly what sized piece you will need - placing paper underneath the window and tracing the damaged region is a quick and easy way of doing this. Next, attach foil to the replacement piece of glass and then slip it into the hole. Apply flux to it, and then solder the replacement firmly into place. Remember to do this to both sides and then leave the window to cool before performing any further work. The final process will be to clean the window thoroughly, let it dry, and then finally return it into place. Your stained-glass window should now be as good as new.